Orange Mail

Campaign Delivery and
Reporting Services

Email ScreenOrange Mail’s turnkey solution provides you with complete list management, delivery and reporting services for your supplied emails at a bundled price that costs just pennies a contact. Here’s what you get:

  • Complete List Management
  • Importing of your existing contact/subscriber list
  • Cleaning list of duplicates and erroneous entries
  • Implementation of subscribe and unsubscribe requests
  • Ongoing maintenance of list for use in future campaigns

Spam and Design Testing

The coding and design of the email will be tested in all leading browsers to ensure that it displays correctly. The email will be submitted to all leading spam filters at the desktop, server and gateway levels to identify any possible issues

Report ScreenCampaign Delivery and Real-Time Monitoring

Using the approved email design, we send out the email to the approved subscriber list. The moment your campaign is sent we’ll begin monitoring it to spot and correct any possible delivery issues that may arise

Campaign Reporting and Evaluation

At the completion of the campaign you will be supplied with a range of detailed reports that allow you to see:

  • Who opened it and when
  • What they were interested in
  • Who forwarded it on to a friend
  • Who unsubscribed
  • What addresses bounced
  • Who marked it as spam
  • How this campaign compared to previous campaigns

Our reporting can be fully integrated with Google Analytics so you can track click-throughs to your website as well as your sales and conversions. All reporting data can be exported to Excel for offline storage or further analysis

Orange Mail
Creative Services

Working to your marketing needs and objectives, we can develop and code from scratch your email messages and newsletters and/or provide you with a template for your emails that you can self-publish. In doing so we will work with you to ensure that the email is consistent with your brand and any other relevant marketing campaigns in other media. This service includes the following:

  • Development of the creative concept, copy and design
  • All HTML coding
  • Testing of design in most popular email environments
  • Development of a web based version of your email (for subscribers that can’t open HTML)

Campaign Planning and
Evaluation Services

By partnering with mf.1 for your email marketing you also have access to full campaign planning and evaluation services as required. Services include:

  • Development of marketing strategies that detail how and when to talk to your subscribers
  • Recommendations on how to integrate and leverage email campaigns with other campaigns or market media you may be using
  • Evaluation of past email campaigns and recommendations on how to tweak future campaigns for improved response


List Screen

List Building

Through internet based advertising, invitations on your website and other marketing means, we can help you build your subscription lists. New subscriptions can be captured through an applet that we apply to your website that makes the process quick and easy for your customers. This service also includes:

  • Creation of a subscription confirmation page
  • Creation and delivery of a confirmation/welcome email
  • Creation of an unsubscribe page
  • Creation of an unsubscribe email confirmation

List Segmentation

Working with your data contained and captured in your list we can build segments that target specific types of subscribers. These can be based on any subscriber demographics possessed or past campaign activity, such as only those subscribers that opened the last three emails or clicked a specific link.

Real-Time Reporting

All campaign reporting can also be provided in real-time using mf.1’s web-based campaign reporting system. You can literally watch, minute by minute, the progress of your campaign, with information drillable to the individual subscriber.